Bio: Leesa Sklover, Ph,D. LPC is a healing and creative artist and visionary, trained in many worlds, integrating positive psychology, human growth, development, wellness, creativity, imagination and spiritual consciousness in her work as counselor, consultant, performing artist of 5 cds, playwright, author, professor-teacher and writer. She offers practical skills and training for effective change in many domains counseling children, adults and couples,for over 20 years in health and healing in the spa industry at Canyon Ranch, integrative medicine programs at many hospitals, and wellness consulting for many businesses. She continues to turn chaos in to peace and profitability. Her work in the music and sound therapy field has brought about a change in the way we look at healing and music for everyday existence and health. Leesa is taking her dreams to the world by making music and image speak on behalf of human and animal relations all over the world, with the SEE ME AS I AM project. Through music and video women/men/animals express their truths, otherwise silenced. Her work on the board of the Cetacean Society International, connects her desire to understand the( musical )language of whales and dolphins and interspecies communication. She teaches the gift of connection, love, vitality, self growth and communication to deepen honesty in interpersonal relationships. Through, clear boundaries, pattern recognition, and the deepening of trust, self love, and intimacy, she encourages the possibilities of human connection while tuning to mind, body, spirit and earth. She creates a creative path to synergistic understanding and possibility.
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