Bio: As a Digital Marketing Strategist and Project Manager, Lee specializes in joining together creative ideas, business solutions and evolving technology to achieve measurable success for clients. After launching a career in New York City as a theater set and lighting designer, Lee was hired by AT&T as a freelance set designer for an early interactive videodisc project and was soon brought on as a staff producer for its newly formed interactive group. At the time, AT&T was one of a few companies whose pioneering projects were revolutionizing the way businesses communicated with audiences. It was instrumental in creating what was then a new industry but today is an essential one - interactive digital media. Persistently tech savvy in a rapidly evolving field, Lee has worked at various agencies with national and international clients producing award-winning videodiscs, interactive museum exhibits, CD-ROMS, interactive programs, websites and online and social media advertising campaigns. His client roster includes AT&T, Brooklyn Union Gas Company, Citibank, Council of Public Relations, Dreyfus, Haagen-Dazs, Harper-Collins, IBM, J. Walter Thompson, the Pajama Factory, Parents Magazine, Sony, VisitBritain, Visit London, Visit Wales, and the Wolf Group. Today, he is principal at Mattlin Mandell, a digital marketing and small business consulting agency founded in 2002.
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