Bio: Lee is a 21 year old student filmmaker from Aberdeen, New Jersey. He has some experience in the field, doing freelance video work and short films and video projects outside of his day job, but he is currently seeking a way into more professional, serious ventures. He became interested in filmmaking at a young age, directing several (rudimentary) short films when he was in 5th grade. Since then he has honed his craft, and he currently runs two channels on YouTube, editing videos for a third. His web-project, a horror series called WhisperedFaith, currently holds a count of over 5000 subscribers. He has experience in writing, directing, camera/sound work, and editing, along with minimal experience in acting. He completed two short films this past summer, directing one of them, which he is currently in the process of editing, while acting as assistant director/sound technician for the other. He is skilled in working with several cameras, most notably the Panasonic Lumix GH4, as well as several editing software programs, such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.
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