Bio: Hello, my name is Leanna Bonetti and I am a music and media multi-hyphenate. In other words I like to learn a little bit about everything. In 2020 I graduated from the University of New Haven with a B.A. in Music Industry, and have worked for a sync licensing company and an artist marketing company responsible for social media marketing and metadata organization. I have a firm grasp on the music and entertainment industry combined with the administrative marketing foundation of a multi-million dollar media company. It was also in late 2020 that I became an advisor and social media coordinator to the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation. I feel truly blessed to be able to network and interview advisors about their passions and receive their advice. I recently left my position as an Assistant Strategist in Business Solutions to become a digital nomad in the social media and music/entertainment industry. I’m also passionate about various real estate investments and personal business ventures. My favorite part about freelance work is choosing to work with passionate entrepreneurs of all kinds. I look forward to any opportunity I have to collaborate with like minded, creative individuals.
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