Bio: Khaled Ouaaz was born in Algiers, Algeria, at the brewing of the civil war. A wave of luck granted his family the opportunity to immigrate to the United States in the early 90ʹ′s. They won Visas by random draw through the government lottery program and flew to Brooklyn, New York. Since then, Khaled has evolved into an actor, recording artist, writer and producer. As a teenager, Khaled has interned at Jay-Z’s Roc-a-fella Records, performed in community theater and released three independent albums. Ironically, he graduated with a Marketing degree from Brooklyn College. But learning the “business” of entertainment was one of the wisest directions his destiny took. After becoming a desk ZOMBIE, he left his corporate position to pursue the arts more ambitiously and started Colorblind Productions. Relatively new to writing/producing, his work includes Love Me As I Am, a romantic comedy, Trees & Ink, an urban drama, Rush Call, comedy pilot and Fix Of Feel Good music video. He also lived in Jerusalem and wrote a feature-length screenplay on monotheism, BEING, all in the last 24 months. Moving forward, Khaled trains at the Barrow Group Acting School, works with International Talent Agency and The Mik’ael Group and continues to produce his own projects in between auditions.
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