Bio: Kevin Keating's extensive experience as a Director of Photography spans over 30 years and covers the full range of filmmaking from features, broadcast news and television specials, to educational, industrial projects and many documentaries. Beginning in the early 1970s, his passion for documentary  filmmaking led him to work  with the Maysles brothers and Barbara Kopple among others. He was also a staff cinematographer for WNET's "The 51st State"As Director of photography on three documentary films for The United Nations, in Ghana, and Cyprus and went on to shoot parts of the Maysles' "Gimme Shelter" and Leon Gast and Jerry Garcia's "The Grateful Dead Movie." He also filmed Mohammed Ali in Zaire and for what would become parts of "When We Were Kings" (Leon Gast 1996), more than two decades later. In addition to When We Were Kings, Kevin's other Academy Award credits include Harlan County, USA (Barbara Kopple, 1977), American Dream (Barbara Kopple, 1992) and the Academy Award nominated Liberators (Nina Rosenblum/ William Miles 1993). Other credits include "On Company Business", a four hour documentary about the CIA which aired on PBS; "No Holds Barred", a CBS-TV special; Wyeth at Kuerner's; and "Hells Angels Forever", a theatrically-released documentary that he co-directed. He began K Video Productions in 1994 and has since worked on a variety of projects: from music and educational videos to feature film screenplays and, of course, documentaries. "Giuliani Time” marked Kevin's debut as a producer-director of a major feature documentary released theatrically in 2006. Most recently, Kevin has worked as a DP/camera operator on the feature films “In Debt We Trust” (Danny Schechter, 2006), Plunder (Danny Schechter, 2011) “The Cuban Revolution” (Mark Sanders, 2012), “Kenneth   Anger Rising” (Stacey Asip, 2007-2015), “My Father’s House” (Hannah Reimann, 2015) and currently “Rock Steady” (2015) a documentary feature about the art, history, ethics, aesthetics and ethos of the hand held film camera, which he also directs. Kevin additionally served as the documentarycamera operator on HBO’s “The Black List (Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, 2011)  and as the documentary camera operator, consultant, and researcher on “Boomers”  for American Masters on PBS (Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, 2013.) 
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