Bio: After nearly three decades in the investigative arena, Kenny has honed his craft in criminal and foreign counterintelligence investigations for the protection of our national security. Having been a Special Agent in the FBI, Kenny has held a variety of assignments to include Principal Relief Supervisor on various squads; the FBI Press Liaison; the Special Agent Applicant Board; and the FBI Liaison to the Northern District of California federal judiciary . Kenny has also worked with major business entities involved in classified federal government contracts and has presented seminars related to corporate espionage. In the non-governmental arena, Kenny proudly served as coach and mentor to high school students competing in Contra Costa County, California Mock Trial Competitions. Developing student confidence and oral communication skills for successful lives and careers was his focus, and his teams scored very well. Kenny rounds out his retirement from the Federal Bureau of Investigation with his love of music, theatre, and film. He has a Master of Arts in Oriental Studies and Communications Research from the University of Arizona where he also produced, directed, and hosted community affairs and educational broadcast programs for local radio stations as well as the PBS station KUAT-TV.
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