Bio: John Petersen is an established innovator in the world of film & television. A pioneer in introducing electronic music, sampling, and sound design to his work, he became a highly sought-after soundtrack composer. After being hired to co-create all of the Rock IDs for MTV, and the now legendary “Man On The Moon” theme, John then went on to create the music for a full season of Miami Vice. He composed the soundtrack and the orchestral theme that aired for 124 episodes of the hugely successful animated television series, Voltron, as well as writing for other mega-hit cartoons including Yugi-oh! and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. John has scored and created original sound design for feature films, HBO documentaries, numerous major motion picture trailers, the ABC World News theme, Bravo Television, USA Network, VH1, and hundreds of television commercials. In addition to his soundtrack work, John is a songwriter and an ambient music artist. With the recent advent of integrating sound into wellness practices, John was inspired to heed the call to embrace music and sound as a healing art. Often referred to as ‘intentional soundwork’, he has created compositions that bridge the art and science of sound to literally change the brainwaves of the listener and facilitate a state of deep,inner calm. As the known health benefits of sound and music have increased tremendously in recent years, John has found a new passion as a composer and sound artist.
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