Bio: After receiving a BA in Elementary Education from The American University in Washington, DC, Jill became a school teacher in New Rochelle, NY. She taught herself how to express herself through the guitar and singing. Jill left formal school teaching in 1973 after a 3-month extended spiritual journey to India and Nepal. In 1997, when Jill was diagnosed with Malignant Cervical Cancer, her doctors insisted that she have a Hysterectomy. Instead, Jill took a passionate interest in Macrobiotics, quit a stressful job and spent 4 months hiking in Venezuela and Peru. When she returned to the U.S., her tests were normal. Jill continued to study and learn about cleansing through fasting, raw foods, colon hydrotherapy and massage. She is known as an expert in the field of natural detoxification. Jill is presently the Director of Circle of Life Rejuvenation Retreats in Delray Beach, Fl. She specializes in providing a natural healing 5 – 12 day juice fasting retreat vacations one block from the ocean with either individuals or small groups. Jill provides organic juices, smoothies and supplements, along with massage, reflexology, yoga, breath work, energy healing, learning materials and more. Her ability to help people transform their lives in very short span of time is truly miraculous. Jill is working on a motivational memoir about her adventurous life. After working for a year for Mr. Bo Diddley in the early 80’s, Jill became a performer known as Annie Sunbeam, The Cosmic Cowgirl, entertaining children in Miami, Mexico and the Bahamas. Her specialty theme became interactive Earth songs and dances encouraging children to appreciate and love the Planet. In 1997, Jill and Producer Debbie Margolis-Horwitz formed Animo Grande Productions, Inc. They are presently pitching an animated cartoon series called Annie Sunbeam and Friends to International TV Networks and global brands interested in Annie Sunbeam’s wholesome “green” characters facing the challenges of saving the Earth.
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