Bio: Jessie has a BS in Electrical Engineering, with a Minor in Fine Arts, from Union College and a MS in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Jessie has a diverse background with a strong emphasis in athletics, science, art and design. During senior year of college, she completed an Independent Study in Photography while traveling around the world. Said Independent Study had an Opening Reception and her work “Children of the World” was well received. While working in the field of Patent Law at the Patent and Trademark Office in Washington D.C., she became interested in the break up of the government monopoly, AT&T. The only graduate program studying the technology, business and policy sides surrounding the deregulation of the telecommunications industry was offered at the University of Colorado in Boulder. As an avid ski racer in college, a move to Colorado was a perfect match. Upon completion of her Masters of Science, she was offered a consulting position with Accenture’s Network Solutions Group at the World Headquarters in Chicago. Her primary focus and most important job is Mother to two wonderful young men. The choice to stay home with her children enabled the concept and development of EcoBoxers, a business initially run from home. EcoBoxers manufactured boxer shorts (in the USA) from recycled, reclaimed textiles and unbleached cotton before it was in vogue. The business took off and was sold shortly there after. Jessie’s other interests that have kept her motivated include (but are not limited to): ski instructing, real estate flipping and staging, recruiting, triathlon racing and training and dynamic, creative thinking and designing. Her enthusiasm and passion for life continue to keep her stimulated and ready to take on the next challenge.
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