Bio: Jeanne McPhillips, MBA, is a tenured merchandising and commerce professional. “I am a customer-obsessed, progressive thinking, creative and disruptive digital commerce leader with 15+ years’ experience in business development, strategic initiatives, product strategy and merchandising. As a high impact executive with a strong background in multichannel consumer businesses, I am recognized for collaborative leadership style, agile methodology, proactive approach, and keen ability to quickly dissect the status quo and implement roadmap and results through building and mentoring cross-functional teams. My expertise lies in executive leadership to drive the digital technology roadmap and commerce strategy for B2C brands in the consumer retail and fashion verticals. SINCE 2014 I have continued to inspire aspiring digital minds at NYU, The New School and Berkeley College - teaching digital commerce, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. In 2020 I started teaching as a full time professor at SCAD, inspiring creative careers with business expertise. For the past year I have been building SuperGirlls, a digital content platform created to inspire college women to launch and navigate the real world after college. “ Jeanne received her MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and her BBA in Management from The College of William and Mary. Jeanne Marie is a real live supergirll with a vision to spread girl power all over the world. She is in the business of inspiration as the founder of SuperGirlls….empowering women to launch into their next chapter. She is a best selling author and campus speaker slash girl advocate. She is a recovering fashionista who realized that life after 7th avenue was more than a fabulous shoe closet. Instead, it was about paying it forward to help lift up the next generation of younger sisters by providing “life” tools aka mentorship, networking access and career clarity. The shoes, however, make the journey so much better! Her mission with SuperGirlls is to inspire college women to find their inner hero and conquer the world as they launch. Most of her life she inspired business teams to fight the good fight in commerce and fashion. Now, after teaching college for 6 years, the mission evolved to superhero empower her younger sisters to find their wings and fly. Leveraging her own network of girl mentors and online content, SuperGirlls wants to disrupt the way college girls are graduating into big girls…. Quote from The Better Business Book, V2: “...College girls today have launched with tremendous education and powerful independence. The key to their success will be enabling their voice - with a vision, a gameplan, and with a little help from their friends aka mentors. There is a wild disconnect between what they learn in school and figuring out the best way to apply the critical thinking skills to real life, a real life that will make them happy. They are unaware of the possibilities and the potential to leverage their talents and power. Statistics show that over 80% of recent college grads did not have jobs upon graduating! (pre-covid) I am convinced that it is not due to the lack of opportunity, but instead, they are unaware of the vast sea of opportunity that may not resemble “career” in the traditional sense. They have all the weapons they need. The girlls just need to fight….” Jeanne Marie resides in both Spring Lake, NJ and Savannah, GA. She is married to her irish rogue James, and has a "launched" 22 year old son Mark (he stole her heart years ago) - a film major making his way in the biz at Sony Pictures. There are canine and feline personalities that light up the house - 2 toy fox terriers Tanner and Clark, and the princess kitty Lucy.
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