Bio: Jeanette is a social entrepreneur that is just starting her online marketplace Sagejoy, to connect mentors with mentees. Jeanette went through a period of no one understanding her wedding planning stress. As a result, she created Sagejoy. Sagejoy was founded with the belief that mentors should exist not just in the career professional space but for other life events as well, the phases in life that no one is ever prepared for (i.e. wedding planning, birth of a baby, illness/death of a loved one, and more). In addition to career mentorship with existing office professionals, Sagejoy hopes to connect retired seniors and homemakers to be life event mentors for the younger generation. If you feel that you would be a good mentor and are genuinely passionate about helping others, and you are also patient and a good listener, please sign up and post a listing to be a mentor on Here at Sagejoy, mentors are financially rewarded in appreciation for their mentorship time. Mentors are able to set their own hourly rate and availability calendar. Please join Sagejoy, a new startup on a mission in reducing loneliness and stress during a challenging life event.
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