Bio: Jason Swain is a Professional Producer, Director and Editor with over 15 years of experience in the Entertainment industry. Swain's pursuit of a film career took root at age 19, when he left the mail room at the NBC headquarters in New York and headed to Atlanta, Georgia. Swain first learned how to Direct and edit while attending Clark Atlanta University (CAU). He received a Kodak Film Stock Grant after being named overall winner in the Atlanta Film festival at Clark for Directing and Editing his first film “Down 4 Whatever”. Swain is Executive Director at The Dirk Swain Foundation’s “Makin’ Room At The Top” (MRATT) Youth Film/TV/Stage Program and has received 2 Awards for his work. One Honor in particular was a Presidential Service Award given by Better Youth inc., signed by President Obama. In addition to his film and tv projects, Swain writes and produces a Monthly Show in Hollywood called the "48 Hour Stage Show". 48 Hour Stage brings a group of fearless writers and actors together to produce original is plays in front of an Audience within 2 days.
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