Bio: Music industry veteran Janet Oseroff has worked globally in multi-media deals, the acquisition, management, marketing and distribution of product and talent in music, comedy, records, film, television, video, DVD, digital, mobile, radio, cable, live shows, publishing, events and books. She has maintained an innovative high-energy edge for increasing the creative and bottom lines for almost four decades, has worked with talent and companies that are uniquely legendary and has been part of trends that became industry standard and culturally mainstream. (Celebrity Access 11/18/2005) ( Plus she is she is driven to write, record and perform contemporary music that is inspired by 1950s rock and roll - and she writes mystery novels – all under the name J. E. Laine. ( Her music business is with her MultiMediaProperties LLC, her books are published through her Beachbooks Entertainment Inc. - and her music is published through her Soggy Music – BMI music publishing company. The 52 year entertainment industry veteran is looking forward to this affiliation.
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