Bio: Limitless Sounds and Lyrics Entertainment is a full production company that believes in Promoting music but has the ability to inspire, motivate, encourage, speak to, and address people's need for talented artists. In addition to being a production company, LSL goes to various schools organizations, businesses, and various locations to perform and promote positive, feel good music. Although based in Newark New Jersey, LSL ENT has plans to become international. The organization's ultimate goal is to raise funds to create programs of our own to help students who aspire to be performers find the resources they need to become successful in their field of study. As an artist I have performed at city events, community events, charity events, weddings, school events, parties, colleges, various showcases. Recently I have performed at the Meadowlands Expo Center, and I have been a sponsor for a number of nonprofit organizations such as OMG Photography’s Scholarship Galas, AngelaCares Fundraising Gala, The Susan G. Comen Breast Cancer Organization, and more. My organization has sold more than 4,000 units of my first project in just a few short months and my next project is projected to do even more impressive numbers as an independent artist. I'm also planning on going on a countrywide tour with some other positive college students and will be giving proactive adolescent-early adulthood advice. I'm also a full time college student studying Psychology and journalism.
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