Bio: Haley Fishberger is a multi-dimensional singer-songwriter, producer, dancer, and actor based in Los Angeles. She performs and releases music as “Ha1ey” and innovates the bold style of Persona Pop: pop with a cinematic spice. Born in New York and raised in Miami, she became a three-time YoungArts winner and graduated from the Frost School of Music’s Media Writing and Production program. There, she learned to infuse her film scoring side into her pop music, which added an unapologetically dramatic tone to her artistry. Speaking of drama, Haley also uses her passion for dance to spice up her live shows and projects. Her most recent credit is “Seltzer,” an empowering track that she wrote, recorded, produced, and mixed independently. It was released alongside a music video that Haley choreographed and co-directed. Haley wears many “hats” (even though she does not like hats, unless it’s a sequined fedora). Since moving to LA, Haley fell in love with the world of acting, specifically comedy. She's been studying improv with the Groundlings in the core track program. Haley is always using comedy, often in combination with music, to make sense of the absurdity of the world. Currently, Haley is performing around LA, working on a new EP, and looking to build a team. She is thrilled to be an advisor, and looks forward to some epic collaborations.
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