Bio: Gabriela Jurosz-Landa is an anthropologist (M.A. LMU University Munich Germany, Prague, Vienna), photographer, painter/ sculptor, writer, speaker on art and cultural matters, and organizer of cultural events. As the U.S. correspondent to Prague's premier art magazine, Atelier, she has been an observer of cultural affairs and a voice to Europe from the United States since 2001. In her capacity of an art critic with an anthropological perspective, she has been an advisor to museums and exhibitions. In 2010 she founded the intercultural organization Forum of World Cultures which since has featured ethically oriented art-, political-, literary exhibitions, and events. In anthropology, she researches systems of values throughout different cultures and societies. The author of Transcendent Wisdom of the Maya, published in March 2019 by Inner Traditions-Baer & Company, her poetry has been published in German Bibliothek Deutschsprachiger Gedichte. She advises on the board of Berlin-based literary contest Federleicht.
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