Bio: After serving as an Intelligence Officer with the U.S. Navy, I spent years providing comprehensive financial planning and investment solutions to individuals and businesses. I was one of the top performing advisers on the west coast for a major financial firm whose super bowl commercials you enjoy. But then, I took the “red pill” and awoke to the fact that I wasn’t serving my true purpose... I’d love to tell you how I got out of the money matrix and how to avoid it yourself. Now I am honored to manage a team of professionals that helps service members, veterans, and their families learn how to navigate and leverage their financial benefits to maximize their lifetime of service. Why do I love what I do? We are redefining the transition opportunity and offering a new WHY for service members to save money. As a Veteran myself, I know that you want to have control of your future beyond military service. In order to do that, you need to understand the modern financial world you will enter. Here are some of the questions I answer to help Veterans gain financial security and knowledge: ➤ What do I do about the Survivor Benefit Plan? ➤ How do I maximize the lifetime value of my pension? ➤ What do I do to protect my Thrift Savings Plan? ➤ How do I ensure I save for my transition? Our solutions aren’t about an end. They are always about new opportunities… a beginning!
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