Bio: Erik Rex was born in West Chester, New York and grew up in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Villanova University with a BA in Finance, works as an elevator consultant throughout the country, and has recently formed his own company. Erik is also a music producer, engineer, songwriter, musician, and singer. He took up xylophone at four before switching to guitar, his primary instrument. In addition to guitar, he plays bass, piano and keyboards, drums, glockenspiel, and a variety of exotic instruments. He has founded and written for various bands including The Brilliant Suns and Acme Rock Group. More recently, he is finalizing production on a solo album, recorded last year in Iceland and due to be released this year. He donates time and resources to a variety of charitable organizations that provide and promote music education for children as well as to organizations that provide learning opportunities for budding artists, producers, and engineers. Other hobbies and interests include DIY robotics, travel, photography, small house design, and language studies.
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