Bio: Where real estate, writing, food, film and sustainability meet. Eric Kaufman, author of A Call to Action: How to Save Millions of Lives, and The Awakening Trilogy has over 37 years of real estate experience as a broker, investor, contractor and developer of commercial (office, retail, hotel, industrial, multi-family) real estate valued at about $1 billion. During the 80’s, through Creative Capital Group, which he established with his mother, Joan Kaufman, he managed the conversion of 1100 apartments in New York and New Jersey into co-operatives and condominiums. He then joined in the 90s, The Carlton Group – a real estate investment banking firm – as Senior Managing Director. Starting in 1996, he was a real estate advisor to The Collegiate Church Corporation, the nation's oldest corporation. In 2008, he began developing with Meir Laufer the concept of a giant Ferris wheel in New York City modeled after the London Eye. The New York Wheel, under a public-private partnership with the City of New York, invested $400 million of private money that ceased construction in October 2018. During the Internet’s early days, Kaufman also launched WorldWide Network Magazine as a B2B and a B2C link. By 1992, he incorporated in the magazine a computer bulletin board known as Global Electronic Marketplace (GEM), which was the forerunner of Google, AOL and eBay. Kaufman learned how important it is to “time the market” with innovative concepts. Following Superstorm Sandy, he founded, along with Ellie Sugarman, Joaquin Matias and James-Robert Sellinger, The Natural Resilience Foundation as a 501(c) (3) public charity in August 2013 to advocate and develop financing strategies to safeguard life, real estate and critical infrastructure from the effects of extreme weather patterns. Kaufman has an A.B. in Psychology from Vassar College and an MBA from the Wharton School, with a Marketing concentration and a minor in Finance. He now resides in Austin, Texas.
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