Bio: Emily Ann Plizak was born, raised, & educated in the city of brotherly love – Philadelphia, PA. She was raised as an only child by her ever-caring mother Patricia & her always supportive father Gregory. After going to Catholic school for 12 years she went to Temple University to study Production & Theater until May 2013 when she graduated. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue an internship in the entertainment industry that summer. She was an active sister of Delta Phi Epsilon, Delta Nu chapter whom she still keeps in contact with. Other organizations that she was apart of while in school were Temple Update (campus news) & Temple Smash (SaturdayNightLive club). Emily Ann is 24 years young & loves collaborating on creative projects. Currently she is an office production assistant on major commercial campaigns while also performing live comedy improv on the weekends at the Los Angeles Connection Comedy club in Sherman Oaks. On weekends she loves to explore new places with her friends & trusty Canon 7D. Her heart has always been full of love for animals ever since she was younger & an active member of a 4H Club for 10 years. She rescued a chubby Russian Blue cat named Molly who can always be found on her lap or by her side.
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