Bio: Ed is an entrepreneur who has built and owned many successful companies. He has over 35 years of Sales and Marketing experience and is currently the Vice President for a ground transportation company with average revenues of 50 million dollars, per year, over the past 5 years. Ed believes in “Listening” to others to find their needs. He then goes to work to either provide a solution or introduce the person to someone he trusts to provide the solution. Ed is a student of “Personal and Professional Development” and is very passionate about sharing the entrepreneurial sprit to help people on that path. He is a “COACH” and “MENTOR” to many. The battle cry is for people to PLAY MORE, WORK LESS, while INCREASING their INCOME”. Ed believes, People get to their current places depending on what was read, whom they were listening to, and whom they have associated with. To get to the next place in their future depends on the same things. While reading a book five years ago, Ed was directed towards a new GOAL. He has become aware of previously learning the principles of SURVIVAL and SUCCESS, now it is time to learn and apply the principles to SIGNIFICANCE. “I can still do that” has become a new passion for Ed as he views it as an extension of his life?s work in the networking industry. Ed is an independent developer of a national and soon to become global internet community builder. Along with Dan Schneider and other advisors of First Mondays, Ed will chair the newest arm of “I can still do that” and develop “Third Thursdays” as a coaching and mentoring program for available business and personal opportunities. Ed resides in Long Island with his loving wife of 40 years. The family consists of 3 wonderful loving and highly successful children and spouses. In addition, are the “3 Grand Children” who are described as the true “FRUIT of his LIFE”.
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