Bio: My name is Dylan Kaplan. I recently graduated from NYU with an MFA in Performing Arts Administration from Steinhardt and a BFA in Drama from Tisch School of the Arts. I am an artistic entrepreneur who strives to be at the forefront of performance research and cutting edge technologies to express the power of entertainment to a global audience. My previous internship experiences and current graduate thesis research on large scale production management, negotiation with venues, marketing, and international policy have reinforced my goal to develop methods for globalization and presentation of cultural creative content in keeping with 21st century emerging technologies. Over the past two years, I have produced four shows Off Broadway and debuted as a co-producer on my first On Broadway show, Company the Musical. In January, I served as the executive assistant to the President of Harmonia Holdings Ltd., an international touring company that presents Broadway shows in venues across China. During this time, I also served as the lead artistic advisor on the Shenzhen Conference Project, where I assessed Shenzhen China’s current artistic-technological climate and compiled a database of trends in interactive digital media arts to determine conference discussion topics that would encourage the next wave of creative technologists in live entertainment. In addition, I was responsible for creating the operating budget sheet for the Shenzhen International Tech and Arts Conference. My latest role as a creative content manager for the Broadway On Demand streaming platform entailed my working alongside the Vice President of Partnerships and Acquisitions on detailed logistics, scouting, and research of Broadway content. This position allowed me to effectively share my insights and knowledge of theatre and technology across many different areas of a production, and to tailor communication to both artists and theatre administrators in an effort to problem solve and move a project forward. While receiving my masters degree, I took multiple courses within the Stern School of Business where I learned the appropriate analytical and quantitative skills for the business workplace. In financial accounting and reporting, I created several financial analysis reports for for-profit organizations. I also analyzed data charts of growing technological trends in both technology innovation strategy and emerging technologies business courses. I believe that my ability to conduct research in an collaborative, inventive, and creative manner would make me an asset to any organization. I want to join an organization that will enable me to continue working with individuals from creative and entrepreneurial backgrounds who emphasize this synergy between business acumen and cross-cultural understanding.
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