Bio: Dorothy Dollie Darko is a Writer, executive producer & Social Entrepreneur with over ten years corporate management & marketing experience in the energy and pharmaceutical industries. She was the former Chief of Staff of a gas & oil company, Scott & Reilly in the United Kingdom. She also co-founded and managed an international law firm in Germany, and oversaw marketing campaigns for the law firm’s clients in the pharmaceutical industry and created and produced about three hundred promotional videos. She left the corporate world to write and produce impactful film and TV projects. She’s working on several feature film and TV projects in various stages of development. She’s is the founder & CEO of MoYoTv (Modern Youth TV), an innovative, substantive TV streaming service to motivate, empower, inspire and engage the 18-34-year-old demographic, which she’s in the process of launching. Dollie has created and developed 30 issue-oriented unscripted high concepts for production for her TV streaming service, MoYoTv, the likes of which the world has never seen before. In addition she has completed two screenplays for feature films that will transport movie audiences to places and traditions they’ve never been before; one of which is about the interracial and international marriage of two Harvard University professors, tested to its absolute limit. It's intended to discourage domestic abuse and encourage couples to love and respect each other and try to find solutions for their challenges and stay married. It’s getting buzz in Hollywood. She has lived in seven countries on four continents and brings a wealth of multicultural and international experiences and perspectives to all her projects. She lives in Greenwich, CT and is looking for investors, producers, show runners, network executives and others to collaborate with.
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