Bio: Donna has had a lengthy career in education teaching for over 20 years at all grade levels from kindergarten through university including special education, gifted education, creative arts and music. She was a principal, a public relations officer and spokesperson for Seattle Public Schools. She spent 10 years as Director of the Learning and Education Policy Center for the Washington Education Association where she developed statewide training programs for teachers and held large statewide meetings to train and enhance teaching skills. At one point she even rented the Kingdome to do a massive demonstration of the excellent education possible in the future. Over 10,000 people attended. She was active in helping write the reform legislation that restructured Washington’s schools. She was a member of many professional organizations and the author of several publications including “Transforming the Common School,” published by the Citizens Education Center North West. Donna received many awards for teaching and educational excellence as well as serving on the boards of organizations devoted to excellence in education. She secured a grant from U S WEST for 1.7 million dollars to give 1% of the teachers in Washington laptops and training. At the end of her career she joined the Staff of the College of Education at the University of Washington to establish a program of National Board Certification for practicing teachers. She understands the education system, its culture, and the various players that impact its ability to deliver for students. She knows the leverage points for positive change. She is trusted by teachers and can communicate the possibilities that technology can open for classroom practice. Most of all, she believes in the American Public School and its ability to open doors for all our young people.
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