Bio: Dennis McLynn graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and served as a police officer in Maryland. He was intrigued by the potential to work for himself and started a painting business. Seeing opportunity, Dennis switched gears to real estate and capitalized on his construction skills to build equity in his investments. Dennis leveraged another passion, fitness, into another business - 'FlexAble Fitness’. Many clients saw huge improvements in physical and mental well-being and learned to cook in his kitchen which doubled as a 'Healthy Cooking School'. Dennis was elected Public Safety Officer and set up an ongoing line of communication with the local Police Precinct to address residents’ concerns. Through this position, he was asked to renovate, and later manage, a long-shuttered local pub. Five years later, Dennis' brother, Robert, approached him about opening their own bar. He became a partner in Angels and Kings NYC. AK's, as it was known, became famous for its 'Mug Shot Wall' where customers stood in front of a height chart holding a convict sign. AK’s opened four locations in the U.S. and Europe. Dennis moved full-time to the Jersey shore, started a handyman business and bought property in the Catskills. In 2014, Robert, who works in the music industry, asked for help for a client, Max Schneider (MAX), who needed security and a bus driver for a tour. Never letting an opportunity pass, Dennis drove over 10,000 miles while keeping MAX safe. Dennis keeps busy with his handyman business. He’s left himself open to new tour opportunities, and, at 44, is in the best shape of his life. He takes advantage of the local beaches and makes driftwood furniture and trinkets. Dennis believes that having options, meeting people and starting adventures is a great way to live.
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