Bio: Delaney Ross has had many jobs in her career thus far but has landed solidly in the film industry and plans to stay there... at least for now. She insists that every job she's had has given her a new perspective, useful knowledge, and great friends along the way. Starting in social service as a behavioral therapist, she worked with children and adults on the autism spectrum until she was subsequently pulled back into the film world. she transitioned to working alongside Oscar-nominated director Amanda Micheli, on her feature documentary VEGAS BABY. She learned soup to nuts how a documentary comes to life, and how challenging it really is. She has been a production assistant for a variety of shows, ranging from MAD MEN to LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON. A graduate from Oberlin College, she founded and directed Oberlin’s first online sketch comedy group, Sushi for Breakfast. In addition to working behind the scenes, Delaney is also an actor. She has performed in multiple films, commercials, and theatrical productions including Adult Swim’s YOU’RE HOLE as well as commercials for Coca-Cola, Google, and a SunTrust bank spot that aired during the Superbowl. Delaney is passionate about human rights, comedy, social justice, women in media, and all things cats. She would love to talk to you about any and everything!
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