Bio: My lifelong passion is living globally. in 40 years Ive enjoyed working in 4 continents,leaving winters and following a successful path. As a New Yorker,NYU graduate in education and a professional dancer/choreographer on and off Broadway, I was welcome in Europe in the 70's,Asia (Tokyo,Singapore,Hong Kong) in the 80's/90's...and Brazil and Panama since 2001.Recently my career change from impresario (Arts Promotions Asia Ltd) to real estate investment ( Panama 4 Visions Inc,) has suited my current lifestyle, that includes NYC and Panama for winter. With family here and employment there, the 2 overlap.and create a 2 for 1 life. Im a happy wife,mother and grandmother. I am glad to counsel and advise on living and retiring abroad,as a full or part time resident.
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