Bio: I always liked music, I remember to sing in my bedroom or in my dad’s house pretending that I was in a concert. I started to take singing classes when I was 10 years old because one of my dad’s ex-girlfriend heard me sing in the car and told me that I have a super nice voice and that I should take singing classes to improve my voice and that motivated me so much that I did it. Since then I have been continuing with singing classes until I turned 16. I stopped for a year because I was very busy with school, but then at 18 I came back to sing and at 19 I stopped again because I was going to University and I started to have this huge fear of not making it in singing. Therefore, I started to study Journalism and I did like it, but to be honest it was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I have never seen myself working in another field that has nothing to do with singing on a stage for thousands of people and singing my thoughts and feelings for them and making them feel something for my music. 6 months ago, I finally lost my fear of following my dream, at least I just want to try it, instead of giving up. In addition, I know it is a really hard way to finally become a singer, but I won’t stop until I will be successful.  I want to eat the world following my dream of being a singer. Therefore, 6 months ago, I made the decision of leaving University, Journalism, and I started on working hard for my dream. I started to study singing at Jukebox Academy in Madrid and right now I am in my second semester and I feel so happy. I really feel happy to wake up for going to class, coming back late is not something negative in my mind, because I end my day super happy after finishing class. My plan is to continue with these studies, go to castings, learn guitar and piano, because right now the only instrument I play is ukulele and more or less because I learned it on my own. I would like to have a mentor who is able to teach me or guide me in the right way, I am open to learn about what I need to become a super star, a singer. I just want to be successful, and successful for me is being happy, and being happy for me Is singing.
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