Bio: Christopher Etienne is a videographer with an interest in social justice issues. Born in Jersey Shore Medical Center and raised in Haiti, Mr. Etienne experienced social strife on a personal level and decided to seek out college as a means to escape the revolving door of poverty. As an undergrad he double majored in journalism and Africana studies, hoping that it would better inform him on the history of poverty and equip him with the skill-set needed to spotlight these issues. Believing that video resonates with our current audience more than the written word, he obtained a Masters in documentary journalism. His goal is to create thought provoking stories that focuses on the plights of marginalized people. Currently he’s seeking to network with skilled industry professionals who are willing to share their expertise and/or collaborate on projects alongside him. He believes doing so will prove to be mutually beneficial and equip him with necessary skills needed to become a better story teller.
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