Bio: Chase is currently working in a group he co9founded called the Long Spoon Collective. This group's goal is to address poverty and environmental degradation through land use reform to remove the barriers to entry into sustainable living. The group's work focuses on addressing the glaring limitations of non9proBits, NGOs and the private sector in creating a resilient and sustainable infrastructure. The Long Spoon Collective builds off grid homes; manages no fossil fuel, no chemical farms; and teaches about a new paradigm of sustainability. The group works to eliminate the use of money in all it's operations realizing that it is a barrier to social change instead of a facilitator of it. In the coming year the Long Spoon collective is going to work with colleges, volunteers, and local groups to build 20 off grid houses and 100 gardens for free to continue the work of creating sustainable infrastructure. Chase is also developing the theoretical framework and action plan to build a sustainable, moneyless, community school in the coming years.
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