Bio: Charles Settles Jr. is an experienced, highly skilled artist and administrator who has answered the call to serve as a vessel to uplift and transform the lives of individuals world-wide. A native of Jersey City, NJ, Charles holds a B.S. in Health Sciences from Howard University and an M.F.A. in Acting from the A.R.T./MXAT and the Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University. He further honed his craft as an artist by completing the 2 year acting program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio in New York City. Charles has served as an actor, collaborator and writer on serval independent projects in theatre, television and film and seeks to establish a network of like-minded professionals who share the same interest in creating meaningful work. As an administrator, Charles has garnered experience in the following industries: Theatre Management, Healthcare Management, Real Estate and Development, Supportive Housing, Hospitality and Education. Through years of work in these industries, he concluded that a significant portion of the productivity, success an longevity of a company or organization lies in the strength and effectiveness of the administrative staff. Charles has a professional track record of being an administrative asset to fellow colleagues and employers. For this reason, he seeks to connect with Founders and CEOs who share the same sentiment and desire assistance in this specific area of expertise. Charles is delighted to be an advisor with FLOBEL and looks forward to being a part of an organization committed to work with purpose.
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