Bio: My name is Charles “C.J.” Spraggins. I am a U.S. attorney licensed in New York State with nine years of experience in matters of corporate formation & governance, contracts, property, dispute resolution (private, state and federal courts) and legal & public policy. I live in Nantes, France where I am a “conseiller juridique” providing legal and business consulting to entrepreneurs, businesses and law firms including: • US corporate formation, governance and strategic development; • Contract review, negotiation and drafting; • Risk, responsibility and liability review & analysis; • Due diligence; • Legal research, analysis, & writing on issues of New York, US & International law; and • Ghostwriting pleadings, discovery, motion practice, trial & appellate briefs, blog content and academic articles. My philosophy is simple: I work with clients to help them understand the issues, the positions and the applicable legal standards. So, whether you are operating or expanding your business, working with contracts or resolving disputes, I can help you to explore the available options, to outline a strategy and to make an informed decision. I use technology to improve communication and to manage expenses. My rates are competitive and payment can be made by a person-to-person online bank transfer, subject to availability by your banking institution. My resume is below. Contact me by phone (, email ( or Skype (spraggins.cj) to discuss how we can synergize our efforts to create a win-win situation. Cordially, Charles Spraggins, Esq.
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