Bio: Carl Frankel has been an attorney, writer and entrepreneur over a 30 year-plus career. A graduate of Princeton University (1970) and Columbia Law School (1974), he practiced criminal law in the 1970s before taking up writing as a career. From 1980-1989 he served as founder and president of Entelechy Corp., which published market research studies on the commercial potential of new electronic technologies. Beginning in 1990 he transitioned to a career in sustainable development. First as the publisher of Green MarketAlert, an industry newsletter, and subsequently as a magazine journalist, he established a reputation as one of the leading thought leaders and writers in the country on the nexus between business and sustainable development. During this time, he wrote two highly acclaimed books: In Earth’s Company: Business, Environment and the Challenge of Sustainability and Out of the Labyrinth: Who We Are, How We Go Wrong, and What We Can Do About It. Frankel has also consulted with and worked for many companies working at the point of convergence between the non-profit and for-profit organizational forms. He founded and ran a leading-edge social enterprise, Our Community Networks, from 2005-2008. He is currently the managing director of The Center for the Intimate Arts, an educational organization.
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