Bio: Bryant “Drew” Andrews, is the Executive Director of the Center for Creative Education. He is also an entrepreneur, teaching artist, visionary thought leader and community building professional whose personal mission is to inspire, motivate and galvanize community into action through arts and wellness - to be an example of social change. Project-based programming, children and adults with disabilities and at-risk youth is where his passion lies. Drew is also the founder and creator of Energy Dance Company and DXF® - Dance Xross Fitness®; both have won him international and national recognition and awards for his choreography and community-building efforts. He was a guest choreographer in Cuba for Cuba's performing ensemble - Rueda All Stars and taught in Santiago de Cuba University; he performed, taught and toured in Germany. Drew holds a B.A. in Child Counseling and Human Services. He has received various accolades such as ECA's "Mover & Shaker Award" and RUPCO's "Community Partner Award." Serving as keynote speaker at Ulster County's Women's Health Expo, Drew lends his passion through motivational speaking engagements, fitness events, and in working collaboratively with schools local businesses, elected officials, religious and community based organizations to impact change. With over 30 years of experience, Drew has dedicated his life to arts, health, wellness and community.
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