Bio: I am pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University in Manhattan. I am a Graduate Research Fellow (funded by the Columbia Presidential Fellowship and the National Science Foundation Graduation Research Fellowship) in the Carroll Laboratories for Orthopedic Surgery on the Columbia University Medical Campus, advised by Stavros Thomopoulos. My area of speciality is the tendon to bone attachment site, specifically in the rotator cuff. My work focuses on multi scale mechanics of the tendon and will progress in the future towards innovation in methods for surgical repair of tendon to bone injuries, using an animal model. Additionally I am developing a community-based outreach program, called the Youth Sports Lab, wherein my collaborative team and I will integrate sports medicine, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and basketball training for a week long summer camp. The student athletes attending the program will be from local Harlem public schools that are under-resourced in the their math and science education tools. Our vision is for empowering local middle school students who self-identify as athletes towards career mobility in fields related to sports (i.e., Sports Medicine Physician, Athletic Gear Designer, Sports Analyst, Biomechanical Engineer).
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