Bio: Brian Corll is an independent computer consultant who is working towards a mid-life career in a field for which he was first trained—art. In the past, he has been a cook, a scene and costume designer for a touring childrens’ theatre company, a trade coordinator for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the lead programmer for a vertical market software company, a staff consultant with a large computer consulting firm, and finally, since 1997, an independent computer consultant. Having been an avid photographer for many years, two years ago he began the transition into becoming a fine arts and stock photographer and has been exhibiting his work online in several places. He is also beginning to paint once again after a hiatus of many years and finds the prospects very exciting. He is a graduate of Vassar College where he received his degree in art in 1975. Since his graduation he has continued to pursue his love of art history by reading voraciously and visiting museums and galleries whenever possible, a pursuit which has proven invaluable when it comes to creating his own images. Brian is a native of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and maintains homes in Pennsylvania and South Carolina.
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