Bio: Brence Platner is a Presidential Scholar and Honors student at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television. He is a professional magician specializing in sleight-of-hand with cards, coins, and basketballs, and is a Junior Member and Performer at the World-Famous Magic Castle. Brence inspires joy and wonder in all audiences through creative, visual storytelling. Brence also plays basketball and volleyball, speaks Mandarin Chinese, and specializes in stop motion animation. His film “Recharged” won the award for best sophomore film at LMU. Whether with his films, magic performances, or other activities, Brence draws on his diverse background and skillset to achieve unconventional excellence. He has been featured on iHeartRadio KOST 103.5 and has created and delivered a TEDxTalk on Storytelling Through Magic
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