Bio: Bistra Milovansky is the founder of, an online platform and community facilitating the mobility of talent and ideas in art, science, media and technology. A fourth generation lawyer in her family, trained in two jurisdictions Bulgaria and USA, and a former Journalist/Producer for Radio Free Europe, the Bulgarian National Radio and TV and Time Warner, New York, Bistra Milovansky brings professional expertise, ethics, efficiency and unique perspective to each case she takes on. Bistra Milovansky is also the founder of, a platform for legal professionals to exchange ideas, share opportunity, event, product and service information, promoting life balance, happiness and harmony, while pursuing career in the ultimate adversarial professional environment. Successful entrepreneur and solo practitioner, Bistra Milovansky shares her expertise with her peers and other professionals through private consulting and executive coaching practice. The Individual and Group Executive Coaching sessions for lawyers, law students and executives are designed to build and further develop professional and life balance skills.
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