Bio: The creation of Satsun Photography is a revolutionary salute. I woke up one morning and realized the powers of my dreams were sent to make me happy. Thus began the revolution: full of creation, open and limitless. This thought has inspired me every day and every moment, to walk into my future. To create, respect and honor in my soul the search for Truth. Identity. Peace.It is my belief that we all long for some meaningful work, some creative endeavor by which the energies within us can flow out and heal the world. This belief is why I dedicated myself to working with children and youth in the non-profit sector for almost a decade. Upon quitting my job in 2004, I realized that effecting social change can consist of anything as long as the forms – love, peace and truth – are present. As a photographer I believe that everything and everyone have “beautiful moments.” My job is to be around when these moments occur and capture them. Nothing lasts forever – this is true but if a photographer is around we can definitely prolong what was for generations to come. My most favorite quote at the moment – “Don’t cry because you think it’s over – smile because it happened.”
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