Bio: Barbara Neiman is an Integrative Occupational Therapist who teaches trauma professionals about somatic experience. She is a Yoga Teacher 200RYT, a coach for families and professionals seeking a holistic practice and a National Seminar Presenter. She teaches courses on Yoga and Mindfulness and Trauma Informed Yoga around the country. Barbara created Health Discovery, in 1988, to provide services for infants through school age children. As a Certified Practitioner of Body Mind Centering since 1989, Barbara has taught experiential hands on, movement, and meditation classes to hundreds of students. Resources include coaching, trainings for mindfulness and yoga in the schools, a downloadable webinar “Guided Imagery and Yoga for Sensory Kids” and a podcast on Trauma. Blogs on her website include posts about mindfulness, SEL, digital detox, executive function skills for teens, sensory integration, wellness, etc. Barbara has several DVDs available on Yoga and Mindfulness at Her new book “Mindfulness and Yoga Skills for Children and Adolescents: 115 Activities for Trauma, Self Regulation, Special Needs and Anxiety is available on Contact her at or on her website
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