Bio: Barbara Bullard is a creative entrepreneur, publicist, author, producer, and keynote speaker that develops programming including non-governmental organization initiatives to multi-media campaigns. This commitment to inspire through storytelling manifests through the preservation of the legacy of tennis great Arthur Ashe and spearheading the national unveiling of the United States Postal Service Shirley Chisholm Forever Stamp. Barbara also curates Media and Marginalized Voices on The Hill in collaboration with the Congressional Caucus on Multicultural Media offering opportunities for filmmakers, multi-media artists, and academics to dive into issues and discuss possible solutions of sustainability and inclusion for generations to come. She serves as a consultant on diversity, inclusion, representation, and intersectionality in art and culture for corporate brands. Barbara's book, "Release + Become" with quotes from renowned leaders from the globe, offers resources for healing emotional wounds, soon to be released.
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