Bio: Austin Zudeck is a New York-based songwriter, producer and performer.  He launched his career at the early age of 10, as a musical theater performer on stages around New York City.  At 13, Zudeck was discovered by music producer, Earl Cohen (Lady Gaga, Pink, Joe), and began to hone the skills of songwriting and production, including a collaboration with Gaga’s guitarist and co-writer, Tom Kafafian (Lady Gaga – The Fame). Over the next 5 years, he led multiple songwriting projects and in, 2012, began to build his own project-recording studio.  In 2011, Zudeck was recognized by The Recording Academy as one of six vocalists throughout the country to be invited to Los Angeles for a 10-day music intensive. It was there that he met fellow music writer and producer, Justin Thunstrom. The duo has since written and produced numerous commercial campaigns as well as a lengthy catalog of songs. Most recently, the two produced remixes for Virgin America presents at Electric Daisy Carnival music festival in Las Vegas.  Through multiple tours, Zudeck also has developed a broad network of collaborators nationwide, including his NYC writing partner, Ben Antelis. Together, they have written for and with numerous recording artists. Additionally, Zudeck is beginning to write and produce a Solo EP, with a release in late 2016. 
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