Bio: Aoife was born in Ireland, and from an early age, aspired to become a New York State Attorney. The youngest of 4, Aoife had an enterprising Mum, who was avid to ensure her children partook in a far reaching lifestyle, including Irish Dancing, Athletics, Speech & Drama, and Piano Forte. Dispute Resolution is Aoife’s passion. Aoife studied at University College Dublin, obtaining Honors in her Law & Business degree. She was top 5% in Accounting and scored 95% in Land Law. Aoife, for many years, took care of her father, and whilst so doing, she became Accredited as a Mediator/ A.D.R Negotiator. She assisted Mr.Brian Walker B.L / Mediator, working with Private Clients & Business entities. Whilst caring for her Father, Aoife explored her passion for Writing, and became Published, as a Writer, in New York, November 2009. She continued and indeed continues to undertake Speech & Event writing. Aoife is well travelled & embraces new challenges and opportunities. Her passion is People – understanding them, learning about them and seeing whether she can be of assistance in their day, their respective lives, to traduce any trials or tribulations, they may have. Her writing touches People’s hearts, drafting Motivational Salutary therapy scripts, personalized prose poetry, together with memorial card scripts, and Special Event speeches. The forte is writing and her passion Legal representation, relayed with kind caring compassion, understanding & humility. Having become a Published Writer in NYC, Aoife achieved her goal of becoming a New York State Attorney at Law. She undertook pro bono work with the Brehon Law Society. New York is where she avidly aspires to reside & work, as soon as the opportunity arises. Contact information: Cell + 289 214 4710. Email
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