Bio: Anton Vidale is a filmmaker with a humanitarian’s heart based in Los Angeles, and originally from Prince George’s County, Maryland. At twelve years old he had a deep curiosity in technology. He knew he wanted to be an inventor or an engineer like his father, but when he was introduced to video production in junior high, everything changed. He learned to work hard and earn his spot on the team as a crew member for the school’s morning news program. He later assisted his TV production teacher in directing a short film for a contest sponsored by BET — and they won. They won money and equipment for their school, national airtime for their work, and the accolades of many award-winning creators. The experience was overwhelming. That revelation of the impact of one film continues to drive Anton to this day. Anton also caught onto his father’s love for rocking a good party as a DJ. He was too young to attend or even remember any of his father’s soca and calypso parties, but exploring his father’s records drew him in. Anton earned his bachelor’s degree in radio, television, and film from Howard University, and began spinning records publicly at Christian events and small nightclubs near campus. Today, Anton aspires to impact and entertain audiences everywhere through original films, and to tell the stories of influencers and innovators that inspire him. And he’s always up for a good party.
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