Bio: Building dynamic organizations dedicated to a healthy and prosperous future for everyone brings me great joy! I take a growth-oriented approach by driving solutions, particularly around innovation, efficiency, and team development. My mentor has described me as "an out-of-the-box thinker and strategist who understands how to leverage his world-class relationship network." I am drawing on 20 years of experience as an owner, operator, and founder of IMPACT-oriented businesses in West Africa, Central America, and the United States. I have achieved breakthrough results by approaching organizations as interconnected conversations that share a common purpose. Board Advisor to Rise Of The Butterfly since 2010: "humans shouldn't own other humans." Advisor to the Florence Belsky Foundation since 2020: "Connecting People, Sharing Ideas, Empowering Each Generation to Teach the Others." I launched my career in 2001 after founding FABA International, where I made groundbreaking strides in repurposing second-hand clothing and locally made textiles in West Africa. To date, I have generated more than $500M in shareholder value through M&A and advisory work in industries including renewable energy, wellness, hospitality, entertainment, and commercial real estate. Since 2017 my work has focused on building the next generation of great companies in cannabis. In 2018 I joined forces with Primary Growth Partners to develop and implement strategic initiatives and build brands for some of California's most notable legacy cannabis operators. Favorite quote: "Today you, tomorrow me."
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