Bio: 'Time Captured Is Time Created' Tm Eclectrix® Inc., founded by Angela Viscido, a dual citizen of UK and USA, who was born and raised in West Wales, traveled to USA when she was 21 years of age where she saw a window in the multi-media world of New York City in 1998 and incorporated Eclectrix, Inc. in the year 2000. Bringing over 20 years of experience in the Performing Arts (dance and music) and 16 years in the multimedia industry, Angela has brought her knowledge to create and has become the Video Production company in NYC as well as West Wales, UK. Building a reputation through her passion for the performing arts, and for delivering the highest quality digital content production services including music, weddings, special events, and corporate video profiles (web-mercials). Having a strong interest in team building and working with directors on capturing stories to be told (shorts, documentaries) See for the trailer of an award winning documentary in the film festival sector, an ongoing project. A dream to shepherd and visualize and to share valuable knowledge in the upcoming, rapidly growing technical industry of multi-media to young professionals, right here in New York City & Ceredigion, Wales, UK.
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