Bio: L5L is a Risk Management Leadership Partner to the C-Suite. We solve level five leaders’ problems. L5L delivers Education, Training, and Risk Mitigation Solutions addressing the Convergence of the Four (4) pillars of security/Risk; Physical, Technology, People, and Process, to Fortune 500 companies, agencies, organizations, individuals, and nonprofits of all sizes. • Workplace Violence/Active Shooter Prevention & Response Training • Optimize Cyber Risk Management & Supply Chain Risk Management Intelligence (SCRM/I) e.g., anomaly detection, threat hunting, collaboration – to detect/respond/& recover, quickly & efficaciously • Build Public Private Partnerships • Facility Risk Audits/Assessments • Business Continuity & Crisis Management Incident Response Plans • IT/ICS/OT, Logical Security, Temperature Scanners, Video Surveillance Systems, Visitor Management Systems L5L’s CyberSecurity Risk Management & Supply Chain Risk Management Intelligence (SCRM/I) Solution was designed with our strategic partners, coming from the highest levels of the public sector, now in the private sector. Our SCRM/I solution addresses the CMMC, section 889. L5L provided our most recent Fortune 500 client Workplace Violence/Active Shooter Prevention & Response training to 500 of their corporate office employees. The next phase of this project is a Scenario Based Drill synergized with Federal, State, & Local agencies, with our Rescue Task Force (RTF) Team, which includes a MARSOC Medic who teaches at Bragg, familiar with RTF standards Nationwide. Then we'll roll out the training to their remaining thousands of employees globally. This Collaborative Exercise includes a CyberSecurity Risk Management component. Streamlining Organizational Strategy & Mitigating Risk begins with a proactive Security/Risk mindset, Holistically Integrated 360 degrees Enterprise wide. It should not be looked upon as a stand-alone silo/division. (IWGB) is a charity dedicated to post 9/11 era Veterans, Healthcare Professionals & First (1st) Responders that honors and promotes service, builds camaraderie, family bonds, and lasting repeatable traditions through memorable sporting experiences.
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