Bio: Andrea is a Personal Development and Motivational speaker. Her commitment to helping women develop their path to purpose was birth out of her own journey to push past despair and find the confidence to pursue her passion. Over the past 5 years she has helped numerous women and aspiring entrepreneurs to reframe their mindset for purpose driven, passion filled lives. The sudden loss of her mom at 14 years old crushed her hopes and dreams. In addition to the disappointment and the fear of an uncertain future she developed the belief that disappointment would always be a part of her life. Throughout her young adult life this mindset became so cemented she couldn’t see how her own choices and actions were the reasons for her failures. Fueled by the belief she was not born for failure and a desire to live her dreams Andrea began a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Her experiences and the lessons learned created her own transformation which she teaches in the Confidence Activation framework to eliminate limiting beliefs and develop the confidence to pursue a life of passion and purpose.
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