Bio: Andrea Adler is the founder of Holistic PR, an international speaker, workshop presenter and consultant. Andrea's unique approach to marketing integrates spiritual practice and psychological self-inquiry. She believes, if we cultivate the deep sense of integrity and wholeness that accompanies spiritual development, we will be far more convincing in our efforts to interest others in our work. Adler has authored three non-fiction books: PR for The Holistic Healer, Creating an Abundant Practice, The Science of Spiritual Marketing: Initiation into Magnetism, and has written over 50 articles. Her breakout novel, Pushing Upward, won The Los Angeles Book Festival Award 2012 and was a Hay House “Pick of the Month”. She has also been a Keynote speaker at hundreds of conferences and has studied meditation for 30 years. In the late 80’s, Andrea was a highly respected consultant in Silicon Alley and worked with several companies prior to receiving their IPO’s. In her twenties, she was an actress both on and off Broadway, appearing in Neil Simon’s Chapter Two as well as several TV shows. Andrea has traveled the world offering her workshops, consultations and lectures. Whether you want to expand your current business, switch gears entirely, pursue a great idea or create a new partnership, you will leave her consultations and her workshops energetically aligned with the future you want to create, a five year plan to set into motion and a deeper understanding of your business, and your relationship to it. Through her CHOICES program, Andrea offers workshops to women in crisis and formally incarcerated populations. She understands more than anyone why external solutions alone will not help us work on the underlying patterns, the unconscious thoughts and knee jerk reactions that cause us to fall into limiting approaches. She currently lives in New York City.
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